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GentlemanBy ELiquid Depot

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A smooth caramel vanilla tobacco


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Katy B.

My favorite, yum yum

Tyler H.

My favorite juice from you by far. Don't change a thing.

Art W.

How much do I like this juice? Opened my first 120 ml bottle yesterday. Ordered 3 more today! Love the fact it's slightly sweeter than my old RY4, which is my all day vape. Don't change a thing. Great taste, good price.

Cesar R.

MUY BUENO! A mi parecer es muy dulce.. creo que deberían ponerle más tabaco. Igual está riquisimo. Gracias!

Christopher M.

Been looking for a good smooth tobacco and this is it. Absolutely love it.

Gary O.

My ADV has been Double Barrel Oak for a year plus, but it's getting harder and harder to locate. I've been searching for the last few months for a replacement to no avail until I found Gentlemen. Holy crap, this is a great juice. Almost identical to DB Oak, although a little sweeter. So I agree with Gary F. (maybe it's the Gary's, lol) that it needs to be a little less sweet, in my opinion I'd say 25-30% less caramel (leave the same amount of vanilla). Just saying. But come on, for the flavor and price, FANTASTIC!

Gary O.

I normally use double barrel oak as my ADV. Been looking for a replacement since mine is so hard to come by these days. This is an RY4 like my oak but a bit sweeter. I do love this juice though. Like the other guy said wish it was a touch less sweet. But damn this is good stuff for the price. Lower the sweetness guys and I'll buy this all year like clockwork.

Ray D.

This is my new daily vape juice.
Just the right amount of sweetness and a great tobacco flavor make this the best for anyone that enjoys tobacco.

Marek C.

Some time ago I gave this one a try and I really enjoy it. Just as the description states. It has this nice smooth vanilla taste with a little bit of tobacco flavor ( nothing over powering and perfectly balanced ). I came home after work, kissed my wife and she asked me if I smoke :)
Week ago I bought the 120 ml bottle. I'll be back for more.

Gary F.

Just received my purchase. Got to say I am pleased with this. Its a bit like a RYE4 but on the sweeter side. I would prefer a bit more of the tobacco flavor as the caramel seems to over take the flavor a bit, but it is one of the better ones I have tried. I am hoping they come out with a few more options on the traditional tobacco flavors. Happy with ELiquid Depot as a whole, good customer service, quick delivery, good prices, and quality products. I will be back for more.

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